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email marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well, and data proves it is still the best way of nurturing business leads and converting business.  We have a professional email system with no monthly tie in costs, and lots of help documents to ensure you get the best from email campaigns.

Make your data useful to grow your business
Use your Data

Every business has data.  You can put this data to work to help enhance and grow your business.  I can work with you to help collect, store and process, analyse and communicate using your data.  Projects I have completed are adding real value to businesses.

Marketing Projects, Media Marketing, Marketing Programmes
Marketing Projects

Do you need some specialist marketing resource to focus on the delivery of a key project?  We work with clients like you to professionally manage marketing projects, media campaigns and programmes which help to grow their business.




We are a small but focussed marketing agency with some unique skills which include a great understaniding of technology and how this can be deployed to market and grow your business.  Activ-STEP has been delivering projects for over 13 years covering a wide range of clients from large corporates to small businesses across B2B and consumer sectors.

We want to help you grow your business by providing access to marketing technology, making better use of marketing data and delivering focussed marketing projects


We have access to many tools and techniques which harness the wide range of technology that is available.  We use these tools and techniques to develop and implement marketing programmes which deliver business growth.

Please contact me directly today on 023 8124 3254 or complete our contact form and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you and your business.




Working with Activ-STEP

We often talk about differentiation with clients ... as a result we are often asked what makes us different?  Whilst it is hard to pin point any one item as unique, what truly differentiates us is our blend of many aspects, all of which are important to the delivery of our solid marketing performance.



Flexibility - at Activ-STEP we listen to your needs and deliver a solution focused on creating real value. We make sure we are using the latest tools and techniques so that we do not provide a "one size fits all" solution to growing your business.

Customer Focus - we will regard you as partners and work with you to ensure your success is our success. We will involve you in the work throughout ensuring you know exactly when each milestone or deliverable is due, and enable you to participate in the project to the extent you wish.

Professional approach - Activ-STEP is a professional company and we deliver to a high quality standard.   Our team is qualified and takes ongoing training seriously. We keep up with the latest tools and techniques to deliver effective marketing solutions appropriate to meet your business needs.

Experience - Activ-STEP is led by Mark, who has been a professional marketer for over 25 years and founded Activ-STEP 13 years ago. He and his team have been trained within blue chip environments and are now applying this training and experience to benefit clients like you.

Technology Knowledge - our unique understanding of the technology required to make marketing work.  This requires a sound technical knowledge coupled with experience of using this in live marketing environments.

Cross media approach - Activ-STEP can provide marketing campaigns which span the various disciplines and types of media. We will use the most appropriate media types to meet your goals online and offline.

Focus on results - We will make sure that the services provided to you are geared to meet your objectives and that they deliver real value to your business in meeting growth targets.

Creative thinking - Sometimes you may demand a level of thinking which takes your business out of the day to day and look to Activ-STEP to provide some guided thought on what other approaches can be taken.

Partnering - We will identify and work with suitable partners to deliver the agreed goals of a project.  We recognise that agencies can't always have the best or most appropriate resource in house for every clients' circumstances.