email marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well, and data proves it is still the best way of nurturing business leads and converting business.  I not only have a professional system with no monthly tie in costs, but lots of help documents to ensure you get the best from email campaigns.

Make your data useful to grow your business
Use your Data

Every business has data.  Not everyone uses the data they have to help enhance and grow their business.  I can work with you to help collect, store and process, analyse and communicate with the data you have.  You can see how some of the projects I have completed work.

Measure you success and use data to improve
Measure & Improve

Do you measure the returns on your online investment (ROI).  Can you tell which aspects of your campaign are delivering the best quality leads.  Analytics data used in the correct way can justify online spending and improve performance of campigns.


I want to help you grow your business online through the skills and knowledge I have gained over many years of marketing and building online sites.  I am building a specific website which hold all of the tools and techniques for building a successful online business and this will be going live early 2017.

I am also focussing on two specific areas of expertise which are email marketing and making your data useful.  I have access to a professional marketing system (see here) which allows you to bulk send email campaigns and monitor the response.  The system also takes care of the contacts.

Everyone has data in their business I want to help you use this data in a better way to help you help your customers.  Some example projects can be seen here.