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Web Apps

Improve communications with you clients by adding focussed Web Apps to your website.  These Apps will help your clients to better understand your products and make it easier for them to purchase from you. A simple Web App can make all the difference!

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Make your data useful to grow your business
Use your Data

Every business has data. You can put this data to work to help enhance and grow your business. I can work with you to help collect, store, process, analyse and communicate using your data. Projects I have completed are adding real value to businesses.

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Bespoke Software
Bespoke Software

There are many advantages to using a bespoke piece of software for your business data needs.  Efficiencies can be gained by replacing a spreadsheet with a system designed around your companies needs for that data.

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Bespoke Database Applications Built for You

We are a small but focussed software company with some unique skills which include a great understanding of coding database applications in a way that meets your business needs.  Activ-STEP has been delivering projects for over 13 years covering a wide range of clients from large corporates to small businesses across many sectors.

We want to help you grow and improve your business by providing software applications designed around you.  We take extra time to understand how you need to interact with the data in your business and the use cases for different users, prior to agreeing the best approach to a solution.

We use a wide range of software to develop your application.  The software and technology we use is the latest versions available and the applications are built with your security in mind.  We tend to make use of openly available software and database technology and build with universal web access in mind.

We would love to discuss how we can help you become more efficient through the use of a database Web App or how we could improve your client experience.  Please contact us directly today on 01452 898 706 or complete our contact form.




GDPR and what it means for Database services

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will be made law across the wider EU and also brought into UK law on 25th May 2018.  The law has an impact to help protect an individual's data and for companies who collect and handle that data.  If the data that you are processing is classed as personal data then the GDPR rules will need to be applied... But what's the impact. 


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Working with Activ-STEP

We often talk about differentiation with clients ... as a result we are often asked what makes us different?  Whilst it is hard to pin point any one item as unique, what truly differentiates us is our blend of many aspects, all of which are important to the delivery of our end result.



Flexibility - at Activ-STEP we listen to your needs and deliver a solution focused on creating real value. We make sure we are using the latest tools and techniques so that we do not provide a "one size fits all" solution.

Customer Focus - we will regard you as partners and work with you to ensure your success is our success. We will involve you in the work throughout ensuring you know exactly when each milestone or deliverable is due, and enable you to participate in the project to the extent you wish.

Professional Approach - Activ-STEP is a professional company and we deliver to a high quality standard.   Our team is qualified and takes ongoing training seriously. We keep up with the latest tools and techniques to deliver solutions appropriate to meet your business needs.

Technology Knowledge - our unique understanding of the technology required and fitting this to meet with your buisness requirements in a non-technical approach for you.

Experience - Activ-STEP is led by Mark Carver, who has been delivering client projects for over 25 years and founded Activ-STEP 14 years ago. He and his team have been trained within blue chip environments and are now applying this training and experience to benefit clients like you.

Focus on results - We will make sure that the services provided to you are geared to meet your objectives and that they deliver real value to your business.

Creative thinking - Sometimes you may demand a level of thinking which takes your business out of the day to day and look to Activ-STEP to provide some guided thought on what other approaches can be taken.

Partnering - We will identify and work with suitable partners to deliver the agreed goals of a project.  We recognise that small companies can't always have the best or most appropriate resource in house for every clients' circumstances.


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