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Bespoke Software based around a database and web access can turn your spreadsheets into a powerful tool.

We meet many people who hold lots of data in spreadsheets and end up doing lots of re-work on that data to get it into a format for different users.  They also struggle with access to the data.

By using a bespoke software approach you can free your data from the spreadsheet and gain numerous benefits in the process:

  • Multiple user access to the data - better sharing of data
  • Management of access levels for changing data
  • Improved data security through back-up
  • Dynamically access data
  • Multi device access to the data device independent access
  • Multi location access to the data
  • Process Improvements / efficiency - eliminate duplication and manual work
  • Communications improvements
  • Single point to manage and control the data
  • Ensure data integrity
  • More secure use and storage
  • Communicate the same data in different and specific ways
  • Ability to add and collect new data
  • build workflows around your data

We typically take the data that is locked into a spreadsheet and add this to a professional database.  We then build software around this database to create the correct applications for the different users.  This means that some users can just see the limited data set they need for their job role while others may be allocated a management role allowing them to add/ delete and change the data.

By using a web based approach the data can be accessed on any platform be it PC, MAC, Tablet or phone,  all you need is a suitable web browser.  This approach also means that the data can, if required, be accessed from remote locations opening possibilities way beyond a spreadsheet!

The centralised database can be secured and backed up on a regular basis, again giving you more security of data than the humble spreadsheet.

By understanding how users need to interact with the data it is possible to build workflow and automation into the process whereby PDF files are generated and automatically emailed out or email authorisations are sent out.

Using bespoke software can be daunting.  However, taking an approach that has been designed for you can often be better than trying to squash your way of working to off the shelf solution.

Anything is possible, but it all starts off by understanding what you and your users want the data to do.

If you would like to discuss how a bespoke software solution could solve a spreadsheet data issue for you please give me a call on 01452 898 706.

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