Email Marketing can help you win more business

Email marketing is the most powerful conversation tool that is available online.  This is a reported fact.

There are numerous ways in which you can deploy email marketing to nurture and close sales to prospective clients.  These include sending personalised targeted emails to prospects.  

The most important point about email marketing is that you should have your own opted in database that you have collected and the people on the database expect to hear from you about your products or services.  Collecting a database takes time and also needs a mechanism for collecting and maintaining the data as well as batch sending the the emails.

Professional Email Marketing System

Email is the best medium for nurturing new business online. Surveys and analysis have proven this to be the case.  So you need to make sure you have an email marketing system that gives you a professional approach to winning new business.
I have highlighted the key aspects of a professional email marketing system below so you can pick the best one which suits your needs.

1. Bulk Sending

The system needs to allow bulk sending of emails which will not be seen as SPAM. Many non professional systems fall foul of this.  It is also good if you can time when the emails are sent.  You may want to segment your contact database for geography to make sure you are sending US emails at a different time to UK emails.  The day on which you send can also impact on how well they are received and the likelihood for action.  Make sure you can set the time and date of your email campaigns.

2. Contact Management

Contacts can be added into your system.  Once added you can segment these contacts into different lists to receive different emails appropriate for them.  The system can also track people that choose to unsubscribe from a given list so you don't inadvertently send them unwanted email.  Your system should also have the flexibility to add custom fields as required.

3. Sign-up forms

The professional system will interface with your website to enable you to collect contact information and auto populate lists.  You can then link your sign-up form to a series of auto generated emails.

4. Easy to use 

Your system should be easy to use.  The system should let you step through the processes of creating the email, personalising the mail and then letting you assign who you want to send it to and when.   Flexibility and simple to use.

5. Bespoke design

There are a number of fundamental things to include within an email, but you need to do this in a well presented way.  The system allows you to create bespoke emails for your needs, adding customisation, brand identity and images where required.

6. Tracking and Testing

Once the email has been sent you will want to know who has received it, opened it, shared it with friends or followed a link.  You can track all of these things and more with the built in analytic tracking.

7. Auto responders

Gone are the days of the single email shot, it's about people receiving a string of emails based on their actions. You want to create these emails and have them customised and delivered at the right time.  The system has an email journey that you can create to define the triggers and delays for emails during this prospects journey.

8. Branding

Cheap and free email services will often be limited in the features they offer and require you to upgrade.  The free options are usually accompanied with branding on the email. The system I use has no 3rd party branding. The only branding is yours.  You can also add logos to preference pages and forward to Friend pages.

9. Pay per send - no monthly fees

The system has no monthly fees and is built around pay per send.  If you want to skip a few months then no need to pay. However, if you are planning on sending more frequently it may be beneficial to opt for a monthly plan. You choose what suits you.
The professional marketing system I use for my clients has all of this functionality built into the package. If you would like to start making the most of email marketing for your business, please drop me an email.

Example costs for a pay as you send system

The system I use is one of the leaders in the marketplace.  I can offer you the system for free on a pay as you send basis or monthly subscriptions if you are going to use it more frequently.  You only pay a small charge when you want to send a campaign to clients.  

For example to send a campaign to 500 people would cost; £6 campaign sending fee plus 1.2p per email totalling £12.  You can send as many campaigns as you like.

Free email marketing checklist