7 tips for Email Marketing Success

In terms of digital marketing channels, email is one of the oldest. Research from Experian states that £1 invested in email marketing initiatives still yields roughly £44.25 return for marketers. This fact highlights consumers familiarity and comfort with email, and additionally the cost effectiveness of this channel.

However with so many emails flying into your inbox, it easy to question whether email marketing has had its day. When it is done right, this is an important channel for your business, as it provides two important opportunities:

  1. Lead Nurturing - Email can be used as a nurturing tool to help qualify leads

  2. New leads - Emails are easily shared, so by providing shareable content that includes a call to action (CTA) you may discover new leads. See more on this below.

So recognizing the importance of email, we thought we would share with you our top 7 tips for getting the most out of your efforts:

# 1 Create your own organic 'opt-in' e-mail list.

The first rule of email marketing is only email people who have chosen to receive your email known as 'opted-in'. Don't bother buying an email list - since these people haven't indicated interest in you or your company, hence the open and click-through rates will be much poorer than with an organic list.

#2 Create an engaging subject line and deliver on the promise!

The subject line is how recipients determine if they are going to read your email. Whilst you want to grab their attention, the content that follows needs to live up to headline. For example, a heading of"You have won £1m" will get attention, but when the content starts with "Only joking but now I have your attention...." you will turn readers off!

Create subject lines that clearly address your leads business problems, offer solutions and make the subject lines actionable, such as: “attend our webinar” or “download our latest ebook”.

#3 Be concise

Leads and prospects are bombarded with massive amounts of email every day. So keep your email brief and engaging. Use links to your website or blog posts if you want to offer more detail on a particular aspect that may be of interest to the reader.

Try and stick to one topic for an email, this will be far easier to read and also for the reader to take immediate action, is the content useful or not?

#4 Images

The old adage “a picture speaks 1,000 words”! The brain comprehends images 60,000 times faster than text. So by using images that reinforce your copy you will deliver your message to your intended audience more quickly than words alone. But be sparing with images as recipients often have to select to add the images to an email so the email needs to be legible without images.

#5 Be mobile friendly

A Gartner study revealed that 74% of Smart phone owners use their devices to check their email. Clearly, your emails needs to be mobile-ready for the mass population of Smart phone users. A simple one column design is the safest way to approach this.

#6 Call to Action 'CTA':

To effectively move leads further through the sales funnel you need to educate them about how you and your products solve their particular issues / challenges. The way to educate them is to have them consume your content: whether that content is: ebooks, webinars, case studies, slide shares or videos. So in your email you need to effectively advertise your CTA. Use action words like: attend, download, register, read, and try now. Give them the next step to take after reading your email.

#7 Marketing Automation Software

Consider running your email campaigns using a marketing automation system.  This will allows you to:

  • Create a work flow with multiple emails which can be designed to offer relevant content to your recipient over a suitable period of time for your selling cycle (maybe hours, days or months)

  • Lets you segment your database into lists which can then have just the emails that are relevant to their segment or their position in the your current sales cycle

  • Lets you track activity associated with that email.  Opens and clicks being the main measures.

  • Lets you deploy different email templates to suit the types of email you will be sending

Using automation software you are able to create and schedule these email in advance, allowing you to more efficiently craft cohesive communications that will be highly valuable to your audience. Then once your email work flows have been developed you can quickly and easily place people into these correspondence segments database lists either manually or based on user behaviour triggers.

This consistent and highly relevant email communication helps you build credibility and trust with leads. Additionally it keeps your brand top-of-mind for when decision makers are ready to select a solution. You can find more detail about an integrated approach to online marketing in our ebook, "Generate Quality Buisness On-line"


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