Grow your own Successful Online Business

Do you have an idea for an online business? Perhaps it's an extension of your existing business using the same products or services, or perhaps it's something new that you are offering and you would like to get it found online?

There a numerous challenges to setting up a successful online business, all are surmountable but all need time.  I can help you cut through the time it takes to find this information and help you setup online.  Whether it's just a simple website you need, a functional blog site or an eshop, I can tell you how to get started quickly.  I am also working on a resource website which can share all of the information I have to help you achieve this goal.  I am planning on putting this site live early 2017.

Key tasks for setting up a successful online business include:

1. Plan what your business is and how it is monetised

2. Domain and hosting package which fits what you need

3. Build and design the site

4. Create content that people want and can share

5. Add Functionality / applications which help people do useful things

6. Optimise your site to be found by search engines, mainly Google

7. Socialise your site through social media networks 

8. Collect and use email to nurture business

9. Use focus online adverts if appropriate to build a following

10. Align offline marketing to drive traffic to your website

11. Analyse and review performance and change the site as required

12. Support and maintain the site on an ongoing basis

If you would like help or advise with this please drop me an email.  You can also gain a better understanding of the inbound marketing process from my FREE ebook on growing your business online.