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Bespoke Database Applications

Helping you with Bespoke Database Software / Web Apps

We specialise in the delivery of bespoke web apps designed around your needs.  These apps are to help you better communicate data or to provide you with improved efficiency when handling data.

We deliver all of our projects remotely, we do not need to work on your premises beyond initial meetings to understand your user needs.  We agree on the work that needs to be done, agree a price and terms to complete the work.  When you are happy with the work you can finalise payment.  For larger more complex work we may use stage payments.

Working this way with us will:

  • Save you time - by accessing the latest techniques and focussing these on your speciifc issue
  • Provide professional resources that are up to date with all aspects of bulding suitable apps
  • Gain access to our knowledge, tools and experience
  • Provide a measurable return on any money you invest with us.

We are more than happy to discuss your needs and to see if we can help you better manage your data through the use of bespoke software.

Implementing Bespoke Database Web Apps

We have outlined a few areas below to help you understand how we work with you to deliver results for your business.  We are happy to talk you through any or all of these items.  Just give us a call.

We like to make dealing with Activ-STEP a simple but professional experience for you. We work in a very logical fashion, starting at the beginning with your goals and user needs. Then delivering you the solution and creativity you require to achieve it. All projects are unique but we tackle them in a few simple steps.

  1. We will begin by taking a detailed brief of what you are looking to achieve and what your data users need.
  2. Next we outline the work required, making it clear what will be delivered and by when
  3. We then agree the work program and terms
  4. The work is then delivered with the involvement of you, your team and any 3rd party suppliers as required
  5. Regular reports on progress showing performance with clear improvement steps identified
  6. We would request that you provide feedback so that services can be further enhanced for future customers
  7. The software we provide often needs hosting, ongoing support, back-up and enhancements.  We look to meet on a regular basis to keep a check on this post delivery support and to check on any evolving users requirements.

Please give us a call on 01452 898 706 to see how we can help develop a better approach to handling your data.

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