Media Campaigns to Drive Traffic and Engagement

One area of our business which is outside of the new exciting world of Inbound Marketing is ... media campaign planning and buying.

We have several clients that we plan campaigns and buy media for.

With our holistic approach to marketing we provide clients with a wide range of options during the planning phase and will plan the campaign to align with the clients goals. We work to segment the client bases so that we are able to find the best fit from a wide array of media available.

Campaign Feedback

Following a campaign we look to provide our clients with a detailed report on the performance of that campaign.  We use as many different input data as we can to measure performance, this may include new data capture as specified in the planning phase of the campaign.  This analysis means we can provide feedback to clients to help to improve the performance of spend over time by adjusting to focus on what works best.

Traditional media can be a fantastic source of driving traffic to online websites and it's an exciting time for marketers like us who are constantly looking for new ways to couple the traditional media and new media for even greater returns for our clients

If you would like to discuss how we may be able to help you with your media planning and / or buying please call us on 01452 698 386

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