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Bespoke Database Applications

Our Other Services

Our core area of business is the development of database applications.  As part of doing this work we often deliver a wider range of service which include all of the following areas.


Domain Registration / Hosting and Website Hosting

We can offer you a domain registration and management service where cost are in line with major ISPs, the difference is you can contact me directly with any queries.  I can then interface with the ISP if there are any issues.  You have someone you know to speak to.

I can also provide you with hosting for websites and applications to suit your needs.  This includes as many databases, storage and emails as you require, within reasonable use policies.  My hosting costs are also inline with major ISPs but with me at the end of email and the phone.

We are currently looking after over 200 domains for our clients, making sure the domain settings are updated when required and that domains are renewed when they become due.   As well as hosting these domain we are managing many websites and applications.  The hosting we use is from a major UK based ISP and ideal for UK based service.

Professional Email Campaign Delivery

It is common knowledge that the best way to nurture new business is by using email marketing.  You can have access to an email marketing programme that will let you customise your email campaigns as well as managing subscribers and campaign performance.  The professional email marketing system, once set-up can be used as often as required.  You will only pay for what you send.  Typical cost would be £12 for 500 emails. No monthly fees.

Database Work

You will probably have data sitting within your business, data which may be useful for marketing to your clients.  We have taken many client databases and made use of these to benefit the client.  We clean the data on a regular basis and ensure the data is in a format to be used for whatever its purpose.  Many of the databases we have been involved with are used for onward direct mailing or email marketing campaigns.

Website Build and Maintenance

You can buy a very wide range of websites depending upon what you want to achieve.  We have built and maintained over 100 websites.  We can build bespoke flat websites or use an appropriate open source platform to build you a custom content management website. A simple starter website built on a platform such as Joomla or Wordpress using the latest page builder technology start from £500.

We also build my complex e-commerce sites and maintain these sites on an ongoing basis.  You will need to keep you site fresh with new content as well as ensuring the code is meeting the latest standard and the site is backed-up on a regular basis.

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