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Web Apps

  • Small and simple
  • Easy to use
  • Improve communication
  • Help visitors find relevant information
  • Drive visitors to a decision point
  • Easily added to existing website
  • Can be tracked and analysed

Web Apps are simple applications that can sit on your website.  There purpose is to perform a specific task.

You can use a Web App to provide some functionality which helps a prospective client better understand your products or makes it easier to find the product / services they are looking for and make that important buying decision.

It pretty easy to add these Web Apps to your website without impacting the existing coding. We can fully integrate the Apps that we do but this increases the complexity and hence the cost.

The apps often help to filter a prospect to help them focus on the product for them.  As a result the App can drive the prospect to a contact point, a phone number, a call back or enquiry form.  Similarly the result of an app search could lead to a product buy button.  All these outcomes are helping customers to get to the point you want them to reach. Examples of this are product lookup tables based on a vehicle make and model or postcode area availability searches.  Simple, but getting your visitor to the point relevant to them.

Some Apps are not designed to drive down to a decision but are just provided to help visitors and to establish the website as a goto place for certain expertise.  Examples of this would be where technical calculators are made available for working out thickness diameters and pressure of pipes.  Accountants make use of tax calculators.

Some of our clients track the interaction with the Apps to help understand what is important to their visitors.

By using a database and website technology anything is possible.  If you would like to discuss how a Web App could help your business please give me a call on 01452 898 706.

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